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Dr. Ray Bareiss, Chief Education Officer

Professor Ray Bareiss is the Chief Education Officer of XTOL and a Senior Vice President of its sister company Socratic Arts. Prior to joining XTOL, Dr. Bareiss was Director of Educational Programs and Professor of the Practice of Software Engineering and Software Management at Carnegie Mellon’s Silicon Valley Campus. At Carnegie Mellon Dr. Bareiss oversaw and taught in two unique, learning-by-doing, professional master’s programs.

He was a founding employee of Cognitive Arts Corporation and served as executive vice president for strategic projects, such as virtual university collaborations and large-scale corporate eLearning initiatives.

Prior to joining Cognitive Arts, Dr. Bareiss was Assistant Director of the Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University, as well as a Research Associate Professor of Computer Science and Education. Dr. Bareiss specializes in computer-based learning environments, organizational memory and computer-based performance support, new product development, human-computer interaction, and cased-based reasoning. He is also the author of a number of books and articles. Dr. Bareiss holds a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences and a B.S. in Communication from the University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Benjamin Manning is from Athens, GA and has been a Machine Learning consultant and Systems Engineer for the past twenty-five years. Prior to joining XTOL, he served as National Assistant Dean at DeVry University where he designed and implemented Big Data initiatives surrounding improving student attrition and persistence.

He was previously a member of the Computer Systems Engineering faculty at the University of Georgia and currently mentors professional development students in data science at numerous universities. In 2017, he earned an O-Reilly Artificial Intelligence Diversity Scholarship and the Google Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Research Award. In 2018 he earned a PhD in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Georgia with an emphasis on using deep learning to improve solar forecasting models.

Ben has worked as a consultant with large national clients on numerous engineering and education projects since 1998 and has developed over 300 courses in areas including IoT, DevOps, and Deep Learning.

He is a super-fan of Walt Disney, Socrates, and anything to do with the Golden Ratio. A family man, gray-haired, amateur philosopher, and forever optimistic skeptic; a lifelong learner and old school computer hobbyist with an interest in distributed IoT systems and amateur car racing.


Dr. Ben Manning, Chief Analytics Officer

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