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Data Engineering with SQL


Data Engineering – Start Date: July 31, 2023

In this course, students will learn and apply Data Engineering skills including data ingestion, processing, storage, and access using a variety of tools including SQL, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS. Students will not only learn to design and implement databases but also to work with data lakes and data warehouses in a cloud-based environment in which they will extract and transform data.

Welcome to DataStore. We are a data analytics service company that collects, aggregates, and stores large amounts of data for a variety of clients, which their data science teams then use for a range of analyses. Our clients have a variety of needs which we address by creating and maintaining a variety of data stores, from relational database systems to data warehouses and even data lakes. As a newly hired data engineer, you’ll quickly gain experience implementing and querying all of these in response to client requests.